With an extensive portfolio servicing the mining & petroleum industries, in some of the most remote locations across the Southern Hemisphere, Episector can overcome all procurement & logistics challenges and provide the solutions required to keep your upstream to downstream operations running smoothly.



Our global team of highly skilled category & logistics specialists appreciate the growing demand when it comes to renewable energy.  Whether it be an equipment or consumable requirement, or a logistics or consultancy requirement for over-dimensional cargo, Episector has the experience and capacity to mitigate your challenges and deliver you solutions.
Whether it be supporting your reconnaissance or highly sensitive, recovery mission, or even if your requirement relates to the construction or upgrade of new global facilities, Episector has the knowledge & extensive hands-on experience to support your procurement & logistics needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



Whether it be supporting your humanitarian efforts, construction of a school, hospital, maritime, aviation, security or sustainability project, Episector has serviced government departments and NGOs internationally in this space for over 2 decades and has the knowledge & extensive hands-on experience to support your procurement & logistics needs, even and especially in remote or challenging circumstances.
Success in the Construction sector requires time consuming research and efficient execution; things that we thrive on here at Episector. We have the network and experience in supporting very many construction projects from small to large scale and understand the pressure of budgets and deadlines that need to be met.



Delivering prompt & efficient solutions to keep your properties to the standards you desire for your clients.  Whether it be a safety or security requirement, your air conditioning, plumbing, your furniture, fittings, or even your playground or swimming pool, we have the team to support your every need and around the clock.
Episector boasts over 30 years of hands-on experience supporting EPC Contractors both in the Asia Pacific Region and beyond.  Procurement & Logistics requirements of every kind and for all circumstances around the world and in time critical situations, present Episector the challenges that we enjoy so much to overcome.



Episector not only delivers unlimited freight forwarding services to exporters and importers globally but also operates as an exporter & importer for a vast range of products and commodities.  Our knowledge, experience, and all-round ability to deliver both procurement and logistics services means a network that our clients can also enjoy and benefit from.